Cake Decorating Tutorials

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Latest Tutorials

Fondant Bunting Cake Topper Tutorial

Learn How to make fondant bunting! Learn how to make 2 different topper designs and how to set out fondant bunting on a cake. Bunting is so popular on all cakes from birthday cakes to wedding cakes. I talk you through each of the bunting styles step by step. I have used my Decorative Bunting Tappit...great tool with 6 different bunting designs!

How to Make a Carousel Cake Tutorial

Learn how to set up a carousel cake! I demonstrate how to assemble and set up a carousel cake, how to set up the poles and how to attach the unicorns / horses to the poles. I have been asked so many times how I made the bottom tier of my Unicorn Carousel Cake in another one of my tutorials so I thought I best put this tutorial on my channel!

Children's Circus Themed Cake Tutorial

Learn how to make this fun and colourful children's circus themed novelty cake. This tutorial guides you through the full decoration of the cake from the stripes to the bunting and the animals. This cake is definitely one of my most colourful and favourite children's cake designs. This would be a real show stopper at a children's birthday party!

Popular Tutorials

How to Make Stunning Blossom Sugar Ruffles

Learn how to make stunning sugar blossom ruffles with this very easy to follow step by step tutorial. This is the technique I used to create the pretty ruffle bottom tier to my Exhibition Cake entered in to the Wedding Cake Section 3 Tiers and Over at Cake International at Excel in 2014. I am deligted to say I was awarded Gold. This was my first cake competition!

Unicorn Pinata Egg Cake Topper Tutorial

Learn how to make this beautiful Unicorn Piñata Easter Egg! In this tutorial I demonstrate how to fill the egg with sweets and then how to make the decorations for this very pretty pastel unicorn theme. I have used a Lindt Lindor white chocolate easter egg as the base. It's a great DIY Piñata Easter Egg tutorial and can be given as a gift or even look great on top of a cake.

Dumbo the Elephant Cake Topper

Learn how to make a Dumbo the Elephant Cake Topper. In this tutorial I demonstrate step by step how I made Dumbo with Gumpaste (modelling paste). This character looks great on top of a cake and you can also use this tutorial to make Dumbo with clay and place on a plaque as a gift. Dumbo the Elephant is not a character that I have created. It's a famous Disney Character that appears in many books and a movie.

Cake Decorating - The Basics!

Learning cake decorating is like every other skill, you must start with the basics. Once you have understood what gives your cake a great finish then the decorating is easy.

Avoid a Cake Disaster - Learn How to Dowel a Tiered Cake

So you have spent hours creating your customers dream cake! You carry it carefully to your car. Place it on a flat surface and your on your way to deliver the cake of their dreams...when disaster strikes!

Learn How to Ganache/Buttercream a Cake

Learn how to prepare your cake ready for icing. This tutorial guides you through how to ganache or buttercream your cake in preparation for a straight side sharp edge finish.

How to Cover a Cake with Fondant/Icing/Sugarpaste

This tutorial demonstrates how to cover a cake with fondant creating a smooth sharp edge finish. Your cake must be prepared with chocolate ganache or buttercream frosting in advance.

Cutters Designed by Me!

Here is a small selection of tutorials for cutters designed by me for FMM Sugarcraft Ltd. Click on the button below to go direct to my YouTube Channel...enjoy!

FMM Fluffy Clouds Cutters

FMM Princess Tiara Cutter

FMM Cute Dinosaur Tappit

FMM More than a Bird House Cutter

Want to purchase one of my cutter designs? You can purchase them and many more designs direct from FMM Sugarcraft Ltd.