Cake Decorating Tutorials - The Basics

Learning the cake basics can save you some much time and of course money!  Here are just 3 of my tutorials from my cake basics category.  Happy Caking!

Avoid a Cake Disaster - How to Dowel A Cake

So you have spent hours creating your customers dream cake! You carry it carefully to your car. Place it on a flat surface and your on your way to deliver the cake of their dreams. You are just around the corner and you hear a noise and a sudden feeling of dread comes over you. You stop the car and very slowly take a look and yes the cake has collapsed! This happened to me 10 years ago and it was my worst cake nightmare! Yes the cake had dowels in it but it still happened! I immediately went home...baked, made new decorations and put it back together. My mind was racing asking myself why this had happened. The cake had dowels, the cake was on a flat surface, I was driving slowly and carefully, it wasn't a particularly hot day. I decided to make my own method of how to dowel a cake. I wanted it to be as stable as possible. I could never go through the stress again. Avoid a cake disaster with this tutorial. How to Dowel a Stacked Cake for Safe Transporting. Dowelling a tired cake will stop the cake from collapsing and will stop you from having a cake disaster. Always transport the cake on a flat surface like the boot of a car. Never on someone's lap and never on a car seat...not even propped up. Avoid cake disasters with this tutorial.

How To Ganache or Buttercream a Cake Straight Sides Sharp Edge Tutorial

Learn how to ganache a cake following the upside down method step by step tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates how to prepare the cake ready for icing.

Learn How to Cover a Cake with Icing/Fondant - Sharp Edge Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to cover a cake with fondant creating a sharp edge. Your cake must be prepared with chocolate ganache or buttercream frosting in advance of covering within icing/fondant.