About Me

Hi and welcome to Fancy Cakes by Linda!

So here is a little backstory on my caking adventures. Fancy Cakes by Linda was setup in 2009 by my mum Linda and me (Ceri). After years of making celebration cakes for friends and family we decided to take the plungeand run our own business. After For 5 years of making and selling cakes in our local area of Hertfordshire.  We entered many competitions and we was both delighted to be awardedGold on several occasions for our designs.  

It was during these 5 years that I (Ceri), was invited by the biggest plastic manufacturing company of cake supplies in the UK todesign cake cutters.  This was a fantastic opportunity. 

Initially I was able to continue both roles but as my cutter designs gained popularity my workload increased.  So a new and exciting chapter began for both of us.  My mum Linda continued to make cake orders through a company of her own. 

My sole role became designing cutters for FMM Sugarcraft Ltd, my first design was the FMM Fluffy Clouds and they still remain my favourite today.  Alongside my design work I demonstrated the products, appeared on craft TV channels and made online tutorials for other people to learn not only about my products, but also how to use them.  My designs are simple but effective.  I want everyone to be able to make a cake and make it look great! 

There is something very special about making cakes for people.  Your mind races with designs and when you have the chance to put that design together and make someone very happy with your creation it makes the time and
effort worthwhile.  

YouTube is a wonderful place to learn so many new skills.  I have something on my channel for everyone.  Cake Toppers, Children's Cakes, Painting on Cakes, Sugar Flowers, Ruffles and more.  I am uploading new tutorials weekly. You can be kept up to date with new tutorials by subscribing to my channel.  It's completely free and this will never change.  I love to share!

This website is now my blog.  It is a combination of my tutorials and my cake adventures.  Thank you for joining me and let's get caking!